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The first, independent 3rd party consumer-facing “eco-label” for boards, the ECOBOARD Project is focused on reducing  carbon footprints, increasing the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled and up-cycled inputs, and reducing toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process.

The ECOBOARD Project helps the board-riding community to build, buy and ride high-performance sustainable boards. Much more than just the ‘ECOBOARD label’ found on boards from the world’s best surf brands, the ECOBOARD Project educates and engages individuals about the environmental impacts of their board-riding lifestyle through the lens of their surfboard.

Since the launch of the program in 2012, and the 2013 endorsement by the Surfing Industries Manufacturers Association (SIMA), there has been dramatic growth in the number of ECOBOARDS made by major surfboard manufacturers. During this time period, the performance of ECOBOARDS has been validated by World Tour contest wins under the feet of the world’s elite surfers, and by radical free-surfers on strike missions to remote corners of the planet.

“The simple act of choosing a more sustainable board can be an “on-ramp” into a dramatically more sustainable, ocean-friendly life” 

Independent 3rd Party Verification

Our science-based independent 3rd party program, provides a multi-level pathway for the verification of dramatically more sustainable materials used in boards designed for water sports.

Boards carrying the ECOBOARD Gold Level or Level One logo have been made by board builders committed to reducing their environmental footprint, using materials that include the latest advancements in green chemistry, renewable materials and recycled content.  The result – boards with reduced environmental and toxic impact – while retaining the high-performance characteristics we’ve come to expect from modern surfboards.

  eb-l1-logo      Gold Level: Used by the highest-performing sustainable surfboards and builders, who are pushing the envelope of sustainability

Our Journey

Since the start of the ECOBOARD Project four years ago there has been a rapid uptake in the number of qualifying boards being produced (and ridden) year on year. In 2015 25,000 ECOBOARDS were produced, a 46% growth on 2014.


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