Hermanns Shaping Co.




Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
Website https://www.hermanns-shaping.com/
Brand Description Everything Hermann’s does centers around shaping wood. In their small factory SUP, kite and surfboards are made by hand.


“Sustainability alongside regional production and the design are very important for us. We have taken to our hearts to revive the original Surf-Spirit and to search for an alternative to environmentally harmful material. Why? Because conventional surfboards and how they were constructed are hazardous wastes which can never decompose – not even in a thousand years. Due to this, our surfboards are crafted from Paulownia. A fast-growing plantation timber which manifests the highest mechanical strength with the least relative density. Modern CNC-Techniques allow us to achieve the optimal balance between just the right level of light weight and high stability.” – Hermanns Shaping Co.



Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using Qualified Materials.

Hermanns uses a Paulownia wood construction which is coated with thin Paulownia layers. In order to produce as little wood waste as possible, the company is constantly improving their hollow-wood construction. For sealing, Entropy plant-based resin is used. Hermanns also experiments with flax fibers for their high performance orientated boards.


Contact Name Flo Hermann
Contact Phone (043) 676-7441
Contact Email info@hermanns-shaping.com
Instagram @hermannsshapingcompany
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